About Us

Who We Are

Introducing Rocky Mountain Fish Filter Company, pioneers in revolutionizing the saltwater aquarium industry. What started as a passion project in 2018 has evolved into a commitment to sustainable innovation and environmental stewardship.

Inspired by the mesmerizing beauty of colorful fish and corals, we embarked on a journey to not only enhance the aquarium experience, but also to safeguard the ocean that fuels our fascination. Disheartened by the environmental impact of disposable filter socks, we knew there had to be a better solution - one that honored our love for the ocean and its inhabitants.

Drawing on centeries-old grooved disc filtration technology, previously utilized in aerospace and irrigation industries, we engineered a groundbreaking alternative. Our filters, crafted from sturdy, flexible, and eco-friendly materials, offer unparalleled durability and performance. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and the environmental burden of disposable options.

At RMFF we're not just selling filters; we're advocating for a sustainable future. Join us in our mission to protect our oceans, one tank at a time.

Rapid Rinse Eco-Filter replaces your filter socks with 110 micron consistent
filtration using proven disc technology. More economical, more ecological, and
super easy to use! No more dirty, smelly socks in your washing machine!